The Futon Primer

First Edition

Your Official Guide To The Futon

The Futon Primer is your one-stop source for conscientiously-gathered information on futons (futon mattresses, futon frames and futon covers). Although it may come as surprise, futon furniture isn't a calcified fad from ages past: futons are as relevant today as they’ve been for thousands of years—although you’ll be glad to know that late-20th century tweaks have improved the experience enormously.

Futon furniture (transformable bed-and-couch or bed-and-lounger combos) is often “just what the doctor ordered” for people who live in dorms, lofts and studio apartments and for minimalists who like the open, pristine look of a home without excess “stuff.” Futons are also great for guest rooms. They’re attractive, reliable, affordable, and adaptable; they’re also easy and inexpensive to move or ship when changing locales is required.

We offer this resource because of the lack of credible, objective information about futons. Most websites try to sell you on their futons so the information you find is calibrated to convince you to buy their products. We figure no one wants to slog through a calculated, protracted sales pitch to get the quality information you need—so here you go!

We hope you enjoy your adventure in futon facts and encourage you to share your knowledge of this resource. Please know that your feedback is always welcome. We promise to work hard to add to, and update, the content and links—to actively maintain this resource so you’ll always have the real-time information you need about the fun, fabulous futon.

We trust you’ll have as much fun reading this as we’ve had putting it together for you. You shouldn’t be bored, that’s for sure! We made sure there’s “entertainment value” along the way! We hate dry, uninviting information as much as you do! Let us know if we succeeded!

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing the Futon to a New Generation
  2. A History of the Futon: From Functional to Fabulous
  3. Four Reasons You’ll Love a Futon
  4. Choosing A Futon that Matches Your Taste
  5. Shopping for a Futon: Budget, Space & Convenience
  6. The Futon Frame of Mind
  7. Judge a Futon by its Cover

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” Homer, The Odyssey

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